Monterey High School

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3rd Nine Weeks

English II--Macbeth

Students read literary and informational texts about ambition and failure. Students understand that conflicts serve as the basis of a text’s meaning and that identifying the internal and external conflicts of a story reveals the motivations of complex characters. They express their understanding of how characters advance a plot and develop a theme and how literature reflects real-life situations in which conflicting motivations propel humans to act in different ways.

English III--The Great Gatsby
Students read literary and informational texts about the American Dream to understand how foundational American literature treats the topic. Students express their understanding by extracting and connecting the central ideas of various texts and by arguing whether the American Dream is attainable.
English IV--Hamlet
Students read literary and informational texts to understand the concept of revenge, its relationship to madness, and its consequences by exploring the treatment of women in the play and the weaknesses in Hamlet’s character. Students also understand how multiple meaning words affect the interpretation of Shakespeare’s writing. Students express their understanding of Hamlet’s point of view and evaluate whether Hamlet is feigning madness.
World Geography--Europe and Asia
: Students develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of people and place. By analyzing the physical and human systems, geographical features, and regional commonalities of different locations around the world, students explain how society, the environment, the political and economic landscape, and historical events influence perspectives, values, traditions, and ideas. To accomplish this, they: • Use key questions to build understanding of content through multiple sources • Corroborate sources and evaluate evidence by considering author, occasion, and purpose
Career Studies--
Using Career Ready 101 and Study Island, students will practice skills to improve test scores.
7th Enrichment--
Students will use Study Island and other resources to hone skills in subject areas that will be state tested.