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Classroom Supply List

MHS Kindergarten Supply List





Boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons


Pencils (Ticonderoga Brand)


Glue Sticks (Elmer’s Brand)


Black dry erase markers (the fat Expo Brand)


½ inch binder with clear front cover (no size substitutions)


Box Crayola Markers


Rolls of paper towels


Clorox Wipes


Box of Kleenex


Pair of headphones (no earbuds)


Package of white construction paper (can be purchased at Smith’s Printing, amazon, Sam’s, etc.)


Crayola modeling clay (10 piece pack).  It’s in a green and yellow box.  Most Dollar Generals have it. 


Package of white copy paper


$5 Activity Fee

Please put your child’s name on binder and headphones.

First Grade Supply List







1-subject composition book for spelling 


1-subject spiral notebooks, 70 count (see note)


Large gluesticks, no liquid glue


Crayons, 24 count


Boxes of Kleenex


Pkg. of Expo dry erase markers; black only


Pocket folders—Preferably plastic, but not required.


Small school box


Jumbo coloring book


Scissors (Fiskars please)


Backpack (Please do not get a backpack with one strap or a rolling backpack.)


Pkg. of white construction paper (Smith Printing or Amazon)


1-inch white binder (no substitutions please)

Girls 1

Roll of paper towels

Boys 1

Container of Clorox Wipes


Set of headphones (for the computers)


pkg. of pencil top erasers (only for Mrs. Teresa’s class)


pkg of Ticonderoga pencils (only for Mrs. Jamie’s class)


large pink erasers (only for Mrs. Jamie’s class)


Pkg. of white copier paper


When school starts and you find out which class your child is in, you can purchase the individual class items.  Mrs. Teresa’s class does not need to purchase pencils. 


  $5 activity fee


  **Please make sure your child can tie his/her shoes.  Thank you.


NOTE:  Please make sure the notebook pages are not perforated. 

            They tear out very easily.  If you can’t find them, it’s ok.

Please put your child’s name on each item with a permanent marker.  Open the packages of glue and label those also.  Thanks.

2019-2020       Second Grade Supply List 


1          package of pencil topped erasers

2          pairs of headphones (for computer use at school)

2          1 subject spiral wide –ruled notebooks

            (no perforated edges)

3          packages of sharpened ticonderoga pencils please

2          glue sticks

1          scissors

2          packages of colors (24 count NO Larger)

2          boxes of tissue

1          package of white copier paper

1          roll of paper towels (boys only)

1          canister of Clorox wipes (boys only)

1          can of Lysol spray (girls only)

2          boxes of quart ziploc bags

3          PLASTIC pocket folders without the clasps (Please send only plastic folders so they will last the

            whole year

1          jumbo coloring book (for rainy inside days)

1          package of modeling clay

1          box (4 in each box) of black jumbo EXPO (please expo ONLY) dry erase markers. 

1          pkg. copier paper

1          pkg. construction paper: (NO mixed color construction paper please)

  • Last name starts with letters A – B (pink construction paper)
  • Last name starts with letters C-D ( purple construction paper)
  • Last name starts with letters E-G (pink construction paper)
  • Last name starts with letters H-M (purple construction paper)
  • Last name starts with letters N-P (assorted COPIER paper)
  • Last name starts with letters Q-T (assorted COPIER paper)
  • Last name starts with letters U-Z (assorted COPIER paper)


Activity Fee $5.00


No Rolling backpacks


This list is subject to change.


Third Grade Supply List


5  wide ruled spiral notebooks   (one subject) NO three or five subject notebooks.

1  box of crayons

1  bottle Elmer’s glue

4  glue sticks

1 package of white copy paper

1  large box of Kleenex

1  school box (Sterilite 6 qt. clear box with white lid located in the storage container section )  

1  pair of scissors

2  packs of modeling clay

1  pkg. loose leaf notebook paper  (wide ruled only)

1  pkg. erasers

1  pkg. construction paper  ( girls bring ALL white and boys bring assorted)

3  pocket folders 

1  pkg. No. 2 pencils

1  box of washable markers

1  pkg. of pencil crayons

1 container of Clorox Wipes

$5.00 activity fee





PARENTS PLEASE  review math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and any other math skills covered during 2nd grade) with your child all summer. They should be grounded in these skills upon entering third grade.  Also, please have your child read this summer.  You can ask questions to increase their comprehension skills, and allow them to retell what they read to you.  Maybe choose a chapter book and you read a page and let them read a page.


                                                Have a great summer,

                                                Mrs. Dee Dee and Mrs. Pam

Enter your te

MHS 4th Grade Supply List




  • 1 - LARGE good quality ZIP binder w/ 4 subject dividers labeled (Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA)
  • 1- 1in binder (for science)
  • 2pkgs- Loose Leaf paper (one pack in binder)
  • 4- speckled journals
  • 1- plastic pocket folder w/ holes ( this goes in your binder)
  • 2-boxes Kleenex
  • 1- roll of paper towels
  • 2- RED pens
  • 2- YELLOW highlighters
  • 1- pair of scissors
  • 2-glue sticks
  • 2-dry erase markers (black)
  • 1- box of crayons OR colored pencils
  • - mechanical pencils
  • 1-supply bag w/ holes for binder (for pencils, pens, and highlighters)
  • 1- Supply Box ( this will keep crayons, glue, scissors, etc. organized)
  • Earbuds/ earphones for Chromebooks
  • 1 pkg copier paper
  • GIRLS- Clorox Wipes
  • BOYS-Germ X
  • $5.00 ACTIVITY FEE (due the first week of school)


5th Grade Supply List

  • Boxes #2 pre-sharpened Ticonderoga Pencils (30 count)

3      Package Black jumbo dry erase markers (4 count)

5      one subject spiral notebook

1      12   pack crayola erasable twistables (or whatever is easy to find….)

  • pack ruled note cards
  • pack pencil top erasers
  • poly plastic pocket folders
  • pair of fiskars scissors

1      packs loose leaf paper

1     pack of white copy paper

       1      24 count crayola crayons

3      boxes of Kleenex   (girls only)

2      clorax wipes  (boys only)

  • 2 count jumbo glue stick

1      box Ziploc bags  (girls quart size)  (boys gallon size)

  • jumbo coloring/activity book
  • rolls of paper towels

1      zipper bag to keep crayons/pencils etc.

1      ear buds/head phones

1      pack copier paper


$5.00 supply fee

Optional Backpack

Most supplies will be taken up and distributed as necessary.  This is why we are asking for specific kinds or the generic,  less expensive items.  If your child would like better brands then they may keep those with their own personal items. 

Thanks and have a great summer!!! J 

         5th grade teachers


EVERY student 6th - 8th must have his/her own pack of assorted color highlighters.  Students MUST use pencils in class.  Pencils will not be supplied by teachers.


The following supplies will be turned in to HOMEROOM Teachers:

$5.00 Activity Fee

1 pack of multi-colored highlighters

1 pack of white copier paper

2 boxes of tissues

1 pack of index cards

1 pack of dry erase markers (a set of 2 is fine)

1 roll of paper towels

Disinfectant Wipes

Snack size zip bags

BOYS ONLY--gallon zip storage bags

GIRLS ONLY--individual dispenser of clear tape


ELA 6th, 7th, 8th

1--1.5 inch 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper

1--single subject notebook (NOT 7th grade)

1--pocket folder (NOT 7th grade)

1--pack of sticky notes (3 x 3)


Math 6th, 7th

1--package of loose leaf paper

1--package of graph paper (¼ inch)

Zippered Supply Bag

Scissors (for student use)


5 -- 3 pronged folders with pockets


Math 8th

1--1.5 inch 3-ring binder


Scientific Calculator, TI-30



1--3 or 5 subject notebook

4 rolls of tape (to fit dispenser)


Color pencils

Zippered pencil/supply bag

Package color copy paper


Social Studies

1--3 subject notebook

1 pack of color assorted blank index cards

1 pack of color pencils

1 pack of washable markers

Cecilia Stevens                                                                                                         

Monterey High School

Supply Lists

English I, English III/AP, and Fine Arts Survey



Please bring these supplies to leave in the classroom:

            English I students, Fine Arts Students:  1 container of disinfectant wipes or baby wipes

            English III-AP students:  1 roll or paper towels or 1 box of tissues


All English Classes:  Please do NOT bring spiral bound “regular” notebooks.  I give MANY handouts which are easily lost with a spiral notebook.  Instead, all students MUST have a loose-leaf binder. 

            3-ring loose-leaf binder (2” or larger binder)

            Loose-leaf paper

            5 binder divider tabs

             Pens and/or pencils (blue or black ink for final drafts)

            Highlighters and “sticky” notes for personal use

            1 package of pencils or pens to leave in the classroom for general use

            1 pkg copier paper



Fine Arts Survey Supplies:  Please do NOT bring spiral bound “regular” notebooks.  I give MANY handouts which are easily lost with a spiral notebook.  Instead, all students MUST have a loose-leaf binder. 

             $5 art supply fee

            Plastic pencil box to hold art supplies

            Scissors labeled with name

            5 natural bristle paint brushes:  suggest 1 fine tapered tip, 1 medium tapered tip, 1small flat,

                                         1medium flat, 1 fan

            Optional:  graphite pencils, more brushes, markers, colored pencils. 

                                 Please label these and keep in art box.

English Supply List—McIntosh

3-ring 2” binder


black pen/colored pen/pencil (need all three)

flash drive

sticky notes

re-enforcements for handouts

1 box of tissues or 1 bottle hand sanitizer

$5.00 activity fee (homeroom)

1 pkg. of white copier paper

World Geography

Supply List



Colored Pencils

Tissues or Hand Sanitizer

1 pkg. of white copier paper