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Ms. Cecilia Stevens » Welcome


Welcome to MHS!  I am Cecilia Stevens.  If you have not connected with me and our class on Classdojo, I encourage you to do so.  It is a free interactive app that allows you to stay connected with what is happening in our class. 
Lesson plans and activities are posted on Class DOJO.  If you need to contact me, please do it through my email or Class DOJO.  
Daily Homework
 Any work that is not finished in class is sent home as homework.  Please make sure you child finishes it and returns it to school the next day.  
Supply List 2019-2020
All English classes (I, III/AP, DE) need a binder.  NO notebooks, please.
Other materials:
looseleaf paper
pencils or pens for personal use
"sticky" notes
1 box of pencils or pens to leave in classroom
1 roll of paper towels or box of cheap disinfectant wipes
Fine Arts Survey:
Binder.  NO notebooks.
looseleaf paper
art box (plastic crayon box)
5 good art paint brushes with real hair bristles.  NO plastic bristles.
1 large package of cheap baby wipes