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School Bus: Ecco Ride

Ecco Ride is the school bus service that is contracted through the Concordia Parish School Board.  It is not directly connected to Monterey High School. 
If you have bus concerns or issues, or you need to change route due to relocation
please contact Ecco Ride at (318) 414-3043. 
Bus Discipline
The bus drivers are responsible for the safety and behavior of students on their buses.  If there is a discipline issue the bus driver will fill out a bus discipline referral form and give it to a school administrator.  It will state what the discipline behavior was and what the consequence will be for the student.  A school administrator will contact the parent or guardian to let you know a bus discipline referral has been turned in.   
Please contact Ecco Ride with any questions. (318) 414-3043
Ecco Ride Bus Consequences: 
1st Write-up:  Warning
2nd Write-up:  3 Days Off the Bus
3rd Write-up:   5 Days Off the Bus
4th Write-up:   10 Days Off the Bus
5th Write-up:   Off the Bus for the Rest of the Semester
6th Write-up:   Off the Bus for the Rest of the Year